This site contains all the projects in which I'm working nowadays: Lumen lab, Suplex, Suplex estudio, Abolipop, Jack´s son, No calles and Temacapulín.

I took the initiative of join them in a single site because during the past 10 years several enterprises have stolen my domains, offering them by such a crazy amount of money for an independent project.

Diego Martinez (Guadalajara, Mexico; 1985) has developed a trajectory within experimental and alternative electronic music since 2000, publishing 4 albums so far. It was not until 2000, when he started to create artworks from sound to different platforms as sound installation.
His projects address multiple social issues like water business and migration, and he uses interviews and data collection methodologies for further creation of multiplatform projects such as interventions, printed works, video, and sound. Individual and collective exhibits at Ex Teresa Arte Actual, MUPAG, Museo del Chopo, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Museo de Arte de Zapopan, MuseumsQuartier Viena, Mikromusik Festival at Berlin, and F.A.R.T. at Guadalajara.

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solo exhibitions

- Temacapulín. Sonidos de la resistencia / MUPAG. Guadalajara, Mexico. 2015.
- Temacapulín. Proyecto de una inundación / Ex Teresa Arte actual. Mexico City. 2014.

Group exhibitions

- On the way. Grenz erfahrung / Hinterland Galerie. Vienna, Austria. 2016.
- ¿HACE RUIDO EL ÁRBOL QUE CAE CUANDO NO HAY NADIE PARA ESCUCHARLO?. Milpa, ritual imprescindible / Jardín Botánico UNAM . Mexico City. 2015 – 2016.
- TRANSITIO_MX 06 / Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City. 2015.
- PCFS: POST-COLONIAL FLAGSHIP STORE. Freiraum quarter 21 INTERNATIONAL / MuseumsQuartier. Vienna, Austria. 2014.

- MIKROMUSIK. DAAD / Berlin, Germany. 2014.
- ESTOS DÍAS. FART Festival / La Fabrica de Chocolate. Guadalajara, Mexico. 2013.
- TINNITUS Y FOSFENOS / Museo de Arte de Zapopan. Zapopan, Mexico. 2013.


- Nada volverá a ser igual. Registro de la escena hardcore-punk jalisciense hasta mediados de los noventa / Museo Universitario del Chopo. Mexico City. 2015.
- They are killing us. Ciclo Descubrimientos / CMMAS. Morelia, Mexico. 2015.
- Poemas Tonales para Edificios / Kiosco Morisco. Mexico City. 2015.
- Festival del Agua y la resistencia / CONAGUA. Guadalajara, Jalisco. 2015.

- Dos expresos en dos tazas separadas / Casa del Lago. Mexico City. 2015.
- Doña Pancha Fest / Mexicali, Mexico & Guadalajara, Mexico. 2015.
- PCIP Germinal Niños / Casa del Lago. Mexico City. 2015.
- Lumen lab The Fitness Tapes. Music intervention at Sonoridades en el Bosque. Los Colomos. Guadalajara, Mexico. 2014
- Woman, Body. International Dance Ensemble / Teatro Alarife Martín Casillas. Guadalajara, Mexico. 2014.
- In situ spatialisation of the sound piece Glossa o el sonido del lenguaje of Antonio Fernández Ros at Resonancia: ciclo de arte sonoro. MUAC & Laboratorio Sensorial. Guadalajara, Mexico. 2014.

Lumen lab

Experimental sound project created in 2000 by Diego Martínez, taking as starting point the well-known IDM mixing it with hip hop, electro, punk hardcore and other street influences. Lumen Lab has been constantly performing in different concerts and festivals in Mexico, UK, Spain and Colombia, as well as thousands of live acts and sets in clubs, galleries, museums and alternative forums in Mexico. He appears in more than a dozen of compilations produced by international recognized labels.

Jack's son

Created by Martinez in 2003 as a side job to his project Lumen lab, Jack's son has become a benchmark of mexican electronic music due his powerful live performances around the world, in which has fused a huge diversity of genres during the past ten years. His proposal includes outbreaks of hip hop, soul, dub, dancehall and other aspects of contemporary electronics that incite to dance as well as stimulate sensory listening. In 2006 he released his first album Everyone has a kid inside with Abolipop Records, and 6 years later he published his second material To Clear LP. He is currently working on his third album and joining forces with the mexican project Bandido.

EVERYone HAS A KID inside - 2006





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